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MOM Park Medical Center

Beauty / Health

At the MOM Medical Center, excellent professionals with the most modern diagnostic equipment await those looking for health recovery and beautification. Within the health center, Oxivit Doctors’ Group operates its largest consulting complex, and there is the Vital Center Dental Clinic operated by Oxivit Dental, the Buda Ophthalmological Center, and the Fabian Anti-Aging Clinic.

Beyond health provisions offered to companies, among others, dentistry, dental surgery, general medicine, manager screenings, gynaecology, dermatology, cardiology, and ophthalmology are all available, also in packages with the VIP card programme. In the health center of an area of some 1200 m2, from laboratory examinations, through mammography, up to head and neck CT scans, all sorts of procedures can be performed, and there is also the possibility for one-day surgery. An exclusive service environment is coupled with accessible prices.

Budai Szemészeti Központ:

tel: +36 1 240 6334
fax: +36 1 240 6334

Fabian Anti-Aging Clinic:

tel: +36 70 240 6666, +36 70 240 6868
fax: +36 1 785 1274

Oxivit Orvoscsoport:

tel: +36 1 887 4333
fax: +36 1 999 7987

Brands / services

Fórum level | see on the map

Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 8 am - 8 pm